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This ministry started in 2014 when Helping Hands was formed by two young missionaries.

Our vision is to bring Jesus Christ to people that never heard about him and therefore never were able to experience the powerful experience of forgiveness. Through our social, spiritual and educational projects we bring hope into people’s life and as our name already says we are the hands that help especially in difficult times.

Serving God

The reason why we are doing all this work is because we our belief is rooted in the principles

Serving People

Magna ante sequi pulvinar itaque? Animi cum mattis impedit porta cumque repudiandae! Mi dignissim, molestie officia.​

Our Story

Helping Hands got formed by two young missionaries that went on a mission-trip to India. When they realized all the needs and what an impact it can have in other lives God made their ministry to their life-work. Meanwhile Helping Hands is a team of several persons based in Austria, Romania, Germany, India and Nepal.

If Jesus would still be around, what would he most probably do? - Good news he's still there in me and you.
Amos Gligor
Helping Hands is really not our story - It is God's story. We are here to represent Christ and to follow his actions.
Rafael Dragomir

Meet Our Leaders

This are our different department leaders

Amos Gligor

Social Department

Rafael Dragomir

Spiritual Department

Mirela Marin

Educational Department
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