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Project Church/House in Nepal

A New Church & Home

Just next to one of the most historical Hindu-Temples in Nepal we had the opportunity to build a church which at the same time houses two families and also serves as our mission-center in Nepal.

Long-Therm Planning

Not only is this building providing shelter for couple of people but it also impacting the neighborhood through all kind of social involvements from a long therm perspective

Light in the Darkness

To be able to have a church in one of the most Hindu heritage protected places is a grace from God. It is located at the highest land in Kapahiti, Changunarayan and therefore very accesible.

A place of hope

Many desperate and hopeless people have visited the church and asked for prayer followed by miracles.

Guesthouse for visitors

There are many tourists coming to this area because of the famous temple but we believe that God can speak to them being housed in this building.

Support this Ministry

Your Investment will make a difference in this Project!

Help Pastor Som in sharing the Word of God

Together with his wife Jessy, his brother Omkar and his wife Ranjita they are taking care of this place in the midst of a hindu-heritage culture.

“It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts”

- Mother Theresa

Educational Projects


School Involvement

Every year we are looking to work with the local schools and to bless the students & teachers with material for the classrooms.


Sunday School

Constantly we are having a teaching time with children from churches all across the country where they learn general things.


Technology Courses

Once in a while we also teach courses and are trying to help developing a better understanding regarding technology.

1 %
Christians only in Nepal

Partner with us to help raise this number and that people can find salvation for their souls.

Orphanage in North-India

Together with David Baikadi an Indian Pastor we are feeding every month 53 Children. Now we have started a project to help David build his own farm so that the orphanage will be able to self-finance all the needs. For this matter there is a need for buying goats and buffalos.

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It’s all about bringing Jesus to this places.

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